3ds Max Plugins

Our plugins are divided into utility plugins (IgNite collection) and object plugins.

To find the plugins in 3ds Max

  • 01. The IgNite plugins are located from the Main Menu/SiNi Tools dropdown and,
  • 02. SiNi Toolbar. The toolbar includes the Desipher license manager.
  • 03. The Object plugins are found within the right-hand side Create/Geometry tab.
3ds Max 2022 UI - locating SiNi plugins.
3ds Max 2022 UI - locating SiNi plugins.

Paid Plugins

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Utility plugins are bundled together as the IgNite Collection.

The Object plugins

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  • ο»ΏDisperse- 3D geometry painting.
  • ο»ΏSiClone- Parametric array and sweep.
  • ο»ΏProxSi- Password protect 3D assets.

Free Plugins

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SiNi offers free 3ds Max plugins for commercial use. These are included by default with the universal SiNi installer, downloaded from the Downloadspage.

  • ο»ΏForensic- Inspect scenes and clean up.
  • ο»ΏScatter- Geometry scattering.

License Manager

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The SiNi license manager, DeSipher, manages all plugin licensing. This includes direct internet access, proxy connection, and network license server. Desipher license manager

All plugins need to be licensed, including free tools!

Every SiNi plugin, free and subscription, requires users to create an account and log in using Desipher in 3ds Max.





Updated 07 Apr 2022
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