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The Desipher license manager is required for all workstation installations. It is used to connect to the cloud license server, as well as the proxy network manager and server installation.

Screenshot of Desipher license manager.
Screenshot of Desipher license manager.

Where to locate Desipher in 3ds Max? 01.ο»Ώ 3ds Max main top menu will display the SiNi Tools dropdown.

02. SiNi Toolbar.

User Login

03. Enter your user email and password.

Login user email and password

Make sure you use the exact same user email and password you created and use to log into your account on the website. This is your registered email in the SiNi database.

04. By default the following are pre-checked.

Remember User Information

Auto Login on Startup

AutoClose on Startup

This means that once logged in you will not need to open Desipher until you wish to change something or log into your online User Dashboard.

05. Click on Log into SiNi Software to connect to the license server.

06. Once connected your MacID will be captured and entered into our server database. To release this, log into your User Dashboard. See Licenses and Usersfor more information.

07. SiNi Licenses. Plugins with a green tick are active. Plugins with red crosses are not.

08. Log into your User Dashboard.

Log into your account

Click on Login User Dashboard to directly log into your online account from within 3ds Max. We recommend using this method to quickly release the MacID or change your users.

09. If you change the 3ds Max UI you may lose the Sini Toolbar. To reinstall, open Desipher and click on Reinstall SiNi Toolbar.

Server Settings

10. If you use Proxy server license manager or Education and enterprise license servercheck the Server tickbox. Select your setup (Proxy or Enterprise), and enter your network server IP and Port details.


Updated 05 Jul 2021
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