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Tip - 3ds Max plugin help

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01. Select by percentage and volume

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Select by Random percentage or Volume size. Select a size to refine the selection.

  • Make Selection Set - run this first to select objects to transform.
  • Clear Selection Set - clears the selection set.
  • Select Selection Set - selects all objects.
  • Random Seed - generates random selection based on random percentage number.

Clean up Imported Models

Jumble Select by Percentage can be used for cleaning up imported 3D models to remove small objects that may not be necessary to the scene.

02. Random transformation


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Object transformation settings for position, rotation and scale.

  • Select Objects - reselect objects that you have applied Jumble transformations to previously. Stores history with the file.
  • Reset Objects - reset the transformation of objects you have previously transformed. This resets them to their original settings.
  • Random Seed - change the random seed for the selected object transforms.
  • Delete Groups - Remove groups.

Updated 20 May 2021
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