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Top row product badges Across the top of the page are the SiNi plugin products.

Product badges
Product badges

Under these badges are two rows showing; Licenses. How many active licenses in your account. Available. How many active licenses are available to add to users.

30-Day Free Trials

Below the badges is the Trial This Plugin buttons.

30-day plugin trials

By clicking on the Trial Button, they will activate the 30-date trial immediately. If you are already logged in to the Desipher license manager in 3ds Max, the plugin will become active straight away. To check, open Desipher and look to see if the plugin is listed with a green active tick next to it. When the trial expires the plugin will automatically deactivate.

Your Account

Every account has a default user license added. This license has the free Forensicand Scatterautomatically applied.

If you have purchased a subscription to other SiNi products, by default, the license will be added to the user.

Users and License Management

Add a new SiNi user You can only add a user to your account if there is an available license. Check the list under the top badges for Licenses and Availability.

Your list of users
Your list of users

To add a user, enter their email address and click Add New SiNi User. The license will automatically be deducted from the total available.

To stop sharing the license, uncheck the tick box and the license will be released and be made available.Β 

Delete User

If a user is no longer in your team and you wish to remove them, click Delete User. This will remove them from your account but keep their personal account untouched.

MacID - Internet Licensing

When users log into Desipher, the 3ds Max license manager, the PC MacID is captured and recorded in the database. It is displayed in the User list. To release the PC and MacID, click on Reset MacID and this will free the license. Users can then log in on another PC and the new MacID will be captured.

Updated 17 Jun 2021
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