Release v.0.76


  • Updated the title.
  • Added Macroscript so you can now access it from the Toolbar.
  • Changed the text at the bottom, so when you first open it up, it will tell you if your version of Forensic is up to date or Update Available.
  • It will now rescan after repairing Displacement Mod/Mtl.
  • Selecting Displacement Mtl will now bring up the Mtl editor and show you the Materials with displacement on them.
  • Repairing Displacement Mtl will now just turn off Displacement instead of deleting it.

Known Issues:

  • All 3ds Max versions.
  • Missing plugins is only object based.
  • Doesn’t open all the groups, it only opens the top one.
  • Deleting groups seems to remove the controller on the object.


  • Added a version number with the title.
  • Increased the wait time on the connection. This should fix the issue with slow internet connection and it popping up saying ‘Bad String’.


Known issues

  • 3ds Max 2017.
  • UI needs updating to match the new layout.
  • Materials don’t seem to show in viewport mode.
  • 3ds Max 2014.
  • No Draw mode in display, on Mesh mode available.


Known issues with ProxSi

  • All 3ds Max versions.
  • Exclusion splines and camera clipping doesn’t work with Corona Renderer 1.5.
  • Exclusion splines with scanline renderer crashes 3ds Max.
  • Need to add a waiting icon for objects when it is saving the data internally.
  • Exporting mesh will give you all unique objects instead of instanced objects.
  • SiNi files can be large.
  • 3ds Max 2017.
  • V-Ray renderer seems to think all the face normals are wrong. We have disabled 2017 until this is sorted.
  • UI needs updating to match the new layout.

Updated 22 May 2021
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