Release v1.02

IgNite Updates

  • Bulk ProxSi Tools.
  • Library Paths.
  • Copy/Paste Materials.
  • Fetch Material from Object.
  • Copy/Paste Modifiers.
  • Fixed issue with Playblast.
  • Custom Text within Playblast.
  • Glue Object Tool.
  • Fixed issue with Bake Keys.
  • Moved Height Object from Object Tools to Basic Tools.
  • Changed Utility Tools Layout.
  • Delete Maxscripts from Custom Loader.
  • Lowered Number of Maxscripts from 15 to 12.
  • Fixed Issue with Maxscript loader. Added Illumi Plugin
  • Pick HDRI from Library.
  • Pick a Single HDRI.
  • Supports V-Ray/Corona/Moskito/FStorm/Scanline/Mental Ray.
  • Added Illumi Compass. Scribe Update
  • Fixed Issue with Detach/Delete Overlapping Splines.
  • Speeded up Conform Splines in Max 2017. Sculpt Update
  • Fixed Issue with Weld on Attaching.
  • Doesn’t restore Wirecolour on Detach/Delete Double faces.
  • Fixed Issue with Retopologize Plane.

ProxSi Update

  • Added Extra Maxscript Functions.
  • Added Point Cloud in Max 2014.

SiClone Update- Fixed issue with Single Mesh Export- Fixed issue with Objects Moving after Export- Added Missing Drawing functions in Max 2014.

Updated 22 May 2021
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