Release v1.06


IgNite Updates

  • Sped up All functions in SiNi Tools tab for ProxSi.
  • Fixed Bulk Export that would leave empty ProxSi if the external file was missing.
  • Sped up Replace/Instance/Glue/Unique Objects.
  • Fixed crash on Replace Object and ProxSi tools if you had a VRay plane in the selection.

ProxSi Updates

  • Updated the .SiNi File due to error on very high poly models.
  • Updated the Expired Squirrel.
  • Updated text on Locked ProxSi if unable to get time from the internet.
  • Sped up the Add ProxSi.
  • Fixed crash if Pick Object is on and changed the Command tab.

SiClone Updates

  • Fixed Mirror issue on Individual Object.
  • Fixed Object Animation.
  • Can no longer add posts in Individual Mode (this will not affect any scene previously setup).
  • Fixed Sweep Render/Export error where the object would rotate depending on the view.
  • Fixed crash if you tried to add Post with only one object.
  • Added negative value on Post Padding so the objects in between can get closer to the posts.
  • ย Fixed wrong rotation with Around Spline on objects between Posts.


Updated 22 May 2021
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