SiNiScript (UI)

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Tip - 3ds Max plugin help

Clicking on the question mark in the header will open this help document page.

01. SiNi Function Number

Select a SiNi plugin from the dropdown list.

02. SiNi Function Number

Once selected, choose a plugin function from the list of MAXScript function publishing. The corresponding name is displayed on right.

03. Function Parameters

Displays the MAXScript Function Parameters. Send and Return values.

04. Function Definition

Displays the MAXScript Function Definition. lists the Send and Return variable types.

05. Function Example

Function Example. Displays an example function code.

06. List view

Displays a MAXScript example with SiNiScript function code incorporated.

07. Run Sample Script

Run the SiNiScript sample as a test.

08. Copy to Clipboard

Copy SiNiScript to Clipboard.

09. Send Script to Editor

Send the SiNiScript to the 3ds Max MAXScript Editor.

10. Make Test Geometry

Generate Test 3D Geometry.

11. Make Test Shapes

Generate Test 2D Shapes.

12. Open Listener - F11

Open 3ds Max MAXScript Listener.