A studio account differs from the Individualin that it is typically administered by a studio manager, department head, or IT personal.ย 

A studio account typically has multiple users accessing multiple licenses, with access controlled by the administrators. These users can be in multiple geographic locations. See Users and Licenses for more information.

The studio account details, including address and country, will be used for the invoicing details used for purchasing.ย 

All the same features as the individual apply to studio accounts.ย 

Additional features include;

  • ๏ปฟDirect account payments (Purchase Order)๏ปฟ
  • ๏ปฟManaged customer support (SiNi assistance in setting up and managing account and users).๏ปฟ

With studio accounts, administrators add all users and assign licenses as required. Please note, all users must be registered SiNi users to locate them in the database. We recommend the team individually signs up or alternatively SiNi customer support can assist in setting your team up.ย Please email sales@sinisoftware.com

Do we offer floating licenses?

No. Online user licensing is not the same as floating licenses.

๏ปฟAdministrators are responsible for assigning licenses as available. If you plan on sharing licenses please consider the licenses are MacID locked to a PC, not the user email. Even if you use generic email addresses such as demo@studio.com if your studio wishes to move the license to another PC you will still need to log in to your account to release the MacID.ย 

List of studio licensed users.
List of studio licensed users.

The alternative to online licensing is a local network license, available to education and enterprise account managed customers. Please see Education and Enterprise