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Desipher License Server Install Instructions Please follow the instructions below to get up and running.

Part 1. License Server

1.1 Download the Enterprise License Server and Workstation Installer from the SiNi website. You will need to create an account and log into your User Dashboard to download.

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1.2 Install the license server on your networked server (accessible by all workstations). At the end of the installation, a pop up will appear asking you to run the programme. 1.3 Click yes. The programme will start. 1.4 Screengrab the UI or copy down the MAC ID.

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1.5 Send information to SiNi

Email details to SiNi sales (sales@sinsoftware.com)

Please email Sini Software the MAC ID, Username and Password, and SiNi will then generate a license file that will be locked to this server only.

1.6 Once generated, we will send you the license file as an email attachment. 1.7 Open the License Server and click on Select License File. Navigate to the file and click on it. 1.8 The License Server will ask you to log in with your SiNi email and password.

Part 2. Workstation Installation

Silent install or manual workstation installation?

If you wish to deploy the installation of the workstation installer across a network with a silent switch, you MUST use an uppercase or capital โ€œSโ€. Please see the Silent Install pages for more info.

2.1 Install the workstation installer onto each PC you wish to connect to the Desipher License Manager. 2.2 Open 3ds Max. To access the Desipher License Manager, either select from the top SiNi dropdown menu or from the SiNi Toolbar.

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2.3 Enter the User Name and password (from the license). 2.4 Tick Auto Login and Auto Close. This will hide Desipher. 2.5 Under Server, select Use Server. 2.6 Select Enterprise License. 2.7 Enter the Desipher License Manager IP or DNS Address and Port.

Please note, as default the Port address is 47665. 2.8 Click on Login to SiNi Software.

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Part 3. Installer Updates

3.0 To update to the latest workstation release, please log into your User Dashboard. Select from the Download page and install.

The plugins are accessed from three locations, the top menu dropdown (1), the SiNi Toolbar (2), and the Create rollout (3).

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Our plugin products can be divided into two groups, Utility plugins and Object plugins.

4.0 Utility Plugins - IgNite Collection

IgNite is a collection of utility plugins used to enhance an artists workflow. These are located in the top menu and Toolbar.

๏ปฟIgNite (Springboard)- Daily tools, Workflow tools - Including Proxies, IgNite Configuration.

๏ปฟForensic- Scene check and repair.

๏ปฟSculpt- Poly tools including retopologize.

๏ปฟScribe- Spline tools including CAD clean up.

๏ปฟJumble- Random object selection and transforms.

๏ปฟIllumi- HDRI wizard.

๏ปฟUnite- Relinks missing file paths and archives projects.

๏ปฟSiNiScript- MAXScriptable functions.

๏ปฟPreflight- Prepare 3D scenes for export to 3rd party software such as Unity and Unreal Engine.

5.0 Object Plugins

The Object plugins are designed for speed and ease of use. They are located in the Create rollout.

To use, select the plugin and click and drag in a viewport to create an Icon. The Object plugins include;

๏ปฟDisperse- Geometry and Object painting tool.

๏ปฟSiClone- Parametric Array and Sweep tool.

๏ปฟScatter- Object and Light scattering tool.

๏ปฟProxSi- Scene and Object file locking, with password protection.

Updated 21 May 2021
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