Proxy server license manager




Once downloaded please follow the installation instructions on the installer.

Server Installation

Please install on a network server with internet access and LAN ethernet or wifi-enabled connection to workstations.

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Please read and agree to the EULA to use the software. You can read the agreements here License agreement and copyright

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Click in install to complete installation.

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Proxy Server Manager UI

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01 - Server Information

Upon opening the Desipher Proxy Server Manager the following data will automatically populate.

Server Status - Displays the current status. Default - Running. Server IP Address - IP address of the server. Last Started - Timestamp of last recorded Proxy Server start time. Server MAC ID - Mac ID of the server. Server Name - Name of the server. Server Port - Port address.

Test License Server - Click this to test the server and its connection to the online SiNi license manager.

Test Internet - Test the internet connection.

Firewall policy

Please ensure you allow permission for the software to connect to the internet.

View Log - The log is a transcript of logged tests.

Clear Log - Clears the above log tests.

02 - Target Proxy


03 - Server Status

Lists the activity of the manager and server status.

04 - Stop License Server

Click the button to stop the server.

05 - Install Service


06 - Uninstall Service

Removes the service.