FAQ - Installation and Licensing

How do I activate SiNi products?

Activation is automatic and online through our DeSipher licence server.

How do I retrieve my licence details?

Your licence details can be accessed via your online User Dashboard account.

Desipher - Used MacID message

The MacID is locked to another PC or it has changed since you last logged in. To release, log into your User Dashboard, open the Users page and on the right reset the MacID. If you have not changed computers this may have occured with an update or software change, such as antivirus programs changing it. The SiNi license manager requires a static Mac ID to use the software.

Desipher - Failed to connect message

Failed to connect to the internet. Please check your connection. This message means that something is preventing Desipher from connecting to the internet. Please check your firewall settings or router to ensure Desipher has been granted permissions. Please note. This message does not refer to the SiNi cloud services being offline.

Desipher - Wrong user name or password message

Check you are using the exact same details as logging into your account on the website. Please check the following; - Have you typed the user email and password correctly? - Have you used special characters such as öàæ in either your email or password? These will not work.

I get a “Wrong MacID” message when I try to log in?

Please login to the website and reset the MacID for your user on the Licenses and Users page.

The SiNi Proxy Server is down?

Installing SiNi Network Proxy License Server For network installations where company IT policy and data security is paramount restricting direct access to the internet. Network administrators install the proxy service on the network allowing a secure encrypted tunnel connection to the online license manager. Within the DeSiper UI, select Network setting and input the required information. The user can then log in to their account as usual. This is not a floating license server. MPAA and CDSA Compliant. Please see the Installation and Licensing pages for more information..

Do I need to install the DeSipher licence manager to run your products?

The DeSipher licence manager is required to read SiNi products within a scene. Opening a scene containing SiNi plugins without the DeSipher licence manager will result in the assets being represented as an icon only. To display them correctly please download the SiNi installer and install. Once the licence manager is installed the objects created with SiNi object plugins will be displayed correctly in the 3ds Max viewport. Please note. This is the same as Renderfarm installation. 

Can I transfer the licence to another computer?

Yes, you must reset the PC MacID. See Users and Licenses page for details.

Can I install more than one DeSipher licence server at different locations within our company global network?

No. If your company operates globally then the DeSipher licence server must be installed in one location and other servers in your network point to this.

Which products require DeSipher licence manager?

All our plugins require the DeSipher licence manager to be installed. 

Why do I need an internet connection?

Our products are checked into our online client-server via the DeSipher licence manager. This ensures your plugins are using the latest release and license is up to date. The Enterprise and Education license is the exception and uses an IP locked license key.

Will your products work on our renderfarm?

Yes. All our Products are designed to render on local and cloud-based render farms without additional licences. However, the Render Only plugins will need to be installed on each node to read and render and DeSipher licence server installed on the network. SiNi Products are free for render farms.

What happens if the DeSipher licence manager goes down or cannot get an internet connection?

The DeSipher licence manager requires an internet connection to communicate with our online client licence server.   If the internet connection is interrupted or cannot be reached then the DeSipher licence server will not run and therefore SiNi plugins will not work. The DeSipher license manager only needs to check our DB every hour for updates. If your connection goes down you will have time to save your work.  Autodesk 3ds Max and most third-party renderers will also need an internet connection to run.

Do SiNi plugins UI support 4K monitors?

Most of the SiNi UI images have been reformatted to work with Qt so will scale correctly on a 4K monitor. The next phase (and a complete pain!), is we need to rewrite every plugin in Qt. This will be a time consuming exercise and we’re being lead by the Autodesk 3ds Max adoption of Qt. Regrettably, scaling is only an issue with images (icons, buttons etc).

My plugins UI appear messed up. What’s happened?

If the plugins appear to be missing icons, buttons or text it’s likely a Windows or Graphics Display setting. If you perform an uninstall, then reinstall, does this fix it? If not, does changing the screen resolution help?