FAQ - Website


Where do I download?

You need to create an account and log in to download from the Downloads page. All plugins are included in a single installer.

Where do I buy?

You can buy subscriptions directly from your online account (User Dashboard), or through an official SiNi reseller.

Where do I find the free plugins?

Please create an online account, log in and download the SiNi installer. This contains all plugins. All users need to activate their license by logging into the Desipher license manager in 3ds Max.

How do I get the 30-day trial?

Create an online account and log in. Go to the licenses and users page and click on the orange Trial buttons along the top of the page, (below each product). Forensic and Scatter are free and will become active when you create an account.

I did not receive the activation email?

Did you check your email junk or spam folder? If it didn't arrive for some reason, such as company spam policies, please contact SiNi customer support who can manually activate your account. info@sinisoftware.com

Why would I want to use SiNi plugins and not free MAXScripts?

Convenience, stability, up to date support, and reliability. It's true a plugin function can be developed using MAXScript or Python. The obvious difference lies in how they are written and perform. MAXScript is only capable of utilising single-threaded processing, whereas C++ written plugins can use processing core functions outside of 3ds Max to handle massive computational tasks utilising all the system processors or GPU. Many busy studios prefer the one-stop-shop convenience of having over 300 tools and functions bundled together in one installer, rather than the time-consuming task of keeping track of dozens of MAXScripts, developed, in most cases, as a hobby. Our products have been developed over a long period as in-house tools within a busy production studio as a means to save valuable time and money. We recognised these would be excellent products for the community and so we formed SiNi Software as a new business to develop them further.Β  We have developed our plugins to work together as a collection, with the aim of becoming an essential go-to part of your everyday workflow. Further to our own development roadmap, SiNi Software is working with other vendors lending our 3DS Max coding expertise to resolve connectivity to their fantastic products. This is reciprocal and ultimately benefits you, the end-users. We, therefore, believe SiNi plugins are production-ready, maintained and up to date with support for most 3rd-party renderers and tools and will integrate with excellent software from other vendors.

How do I pronounce SiNi?

Many people pronounce our name the same as the south Asian female name. However, we thought we were being clever when creating the company by combining the two founding directors first names, Simon and Nigel. The first syllables, Si and Ni, becomes SiNi. Pronounced the same as Mount Sinai in Eygpt! The branding then took the (i) in each name and turned these into circuit board switch symbols, forming the basis of our typography and brand names of plugins and products. Probably more information than you wanted, right!

Does SiNi have a development roadmap?

Yes, we do. However, as a small nimble developer, our plans change from year to year, responding to our customer requests and industry trends. You may like to know it's more difficult than it appears to support the many third party renderers and plugins across 13 plugins and 8 versions of 3ds Max. As a guide, we cycle from utility plugins to object plugins every quarter to ensure all tools are maintained and developed. We love hearing from customers who are willing to constructively share feedback and ideas on how to improve and add to our tools. Don't be shy!