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Can I have annual and monthly licences on the same account?

1. If you order in our online store you can mix both. Your User Account has been designed to allow you to manage and control your own licences. 2. If you order through a reseller, they only sell annual and therefore you cannot add monthly to this account.

How often are plugins updated?

Approximately every quarter. Please see Release History for details

Why do you not sell perpetual licences?

Our pricing structure is priced fairly, equal to an annual maintenance plan without the upfront purchase price. When we calculated this, we worked it out to match an ownership and maintenance plan over a 10-year usage period. Please note. In 2021 we canvassed our customers asking them if they wanted a perpetual option and if our pricing was fair. 85% confirmed they are happy with our SaaS model.

What are the differences between monthly and annual subscription?

Both are priced the same. The bonus with annual when purchased with a discount voucher is the saving over the contract period. Tip. Buying a subscription during annual sales, such as Black Friday 30% off sale, means your subscription will become due at the same time each year. Please note, discounts do not apply to renewals!

Can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription?

You can upgrade at any time from individual products to ALL ACCESS. You cannot downgrade from ALL ACCESS until the subscription period expires. This applies to monthly and annual plans.

Can I mix a single subscription with an ALL ACCESS subscription?

You can add additional seats to your account and mix monthly with annual subscription to allow for burst out licensing where you need more seats for a project.

Do you offer enterprise or educational volume discounts?

Yes, please read the enterprise and education pages.

Is software maintenance included?

Yes. We maintain and expand our products continually and with valuable user feedback we refine our products to meet our users most popular requests.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes. You can cancel your monthly subscription anytime by setting the autorenewal to Off. See the Users and Licenses page for more information. Annual subscribers will have the option to renew or cancel at the end of 12 months period.

What happens to my scenes containing SiNi plugins if I cancel my subscription?

To continue to read and render you should keep the DeSipher licence server installed.Β  If you upgrade your 3ds Max to another release, you will need to install the latest versions of plugins as well (read and render only).

Reseller Questions

I have requested a licence through a reseller. Why is it has not active?

The license will be activated when the reseller completes the transaction and SiNi receives the purchase order. Please check directly with your reseller for an update. Alternatively, if you subscribe using the SiNi e-commerce website, your order is processed immediately.

What is the difference between buying licences through SiNi online and a reseller?

SINi Online Sales By signing up direct with SiNi you can buy and add both annual and monthly licences. Resellers - Annual only. Your reseller is your sales partner and all invoicing will be direct through them. Resellers can set up your account. They would email you the login details.

My account is set up through a reseller. How can I buy monthly licences?

You can purchase Monthly subscriptions through your User Dashboard to add to your account. Resellers cannot sell you monthly licenses..


Updated 17 May 2021
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