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SiClone - Do not use UVW mapping on sweeps!

You cannot apply UVW maps directly to sweeps as it converts them to edit mesh and will CRASH 3ds Max! Please see the Siclone (UI) page for more information.

I have sent a ProxSi model to a client with the wrong date. Can I update this?

At present there is no facility to update ProxSi IP security remotely. You would need to reissue with the correct date. This also applies if you wish to extend usage rights beyond original date. We are working on a solution to add additional authorship and control.

Can I sell my models saved in ProxSi format?

Yes. The IP security is there to protect your work from 3rd party altering, manipulation and theft. The buyer would need to install the ProxSi plugin and DeSipher licence server.

If I give a ProxSi to a client, do they need to buy a licence?

No, they just need to install our software. They can use and render without a licence.

I have lost the password to my ProxSi. Can you unlock it for me?

No, sorry there is no way of unlocking a ProxSi that is missing its password.


Updated 17 May 2021
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