FAQ - Utility plugins


HDRI - How do I set up my library?

At present, the config is set in the IgNite (Springboard) Config tab. - this is a legacy UX setting and will be changed in the near future to reside in the Illumi UI.

Can you suggest how to get started using IgNite?

Have you checked out the Suggested Workflow section for step by step workflow ideas?

Which plugins use multi-threading?

Sculpt Scribe Preflight SiNiScript

I only use a few plugins in the collection. Can I just buy the ones I use?

Why? The collection is incredible value for nine useful plugins, equivalent to the annual maintenance cost of two to three comparison plugins. If we were ever to sell individually (and we wonโ€™t) their cost would increase, meaning it would not benefit everyone. We recommend spending a little time getting familiar with the collection. Itโ€™s designed as complementary products that work together, and hopefully, these help docs will assist you!

Why can I not adjust the lights in Illumi in 3ds Max?

You can! As a default we bind everything together so itโ€™s easy to set up and test. If you want to break these links, unfreeze the lights and turn off the bind constraints to detach from Illumi. Keep in mind if you animate the light youโ€™ll need to animate the HDRI rotation as well. Keep in mind you likely get double shadows cast from the sun and HDRI if in different positions.