Forensic - Training videos

60-second Samplers

The below videos show some Forensic features in short-burst 60-second samplers.

For architectural visualisation artists who import CAD and REVIT files into 3ds Max, or who file-link these files, you will discover Forensic will not work unless the CAD blocks are first deleted. Once deleted, all the functionality of Forensic is enabled. In this video, after the CAD blocks are removed, we also remove the Linked Composites, as this drawing was file-linked. This allows us to clean up the drawing.

Use the Forensic plugin to check if your scene contains; Motion clips, Animation layers or Retimers. Where have these come from? They sometimes appear from imported REVIT files and will slow down working on your scene. They can also increase the file size dramatically. By removing them you'll thank us! Make sure if you use XRefs to go into each of these and scan with Forensic to fix any issues.

Using the modifier tab to quickly sort out all the Object-Space Modifiers.

Worried your 3ds Max scene may contain malicious MAXScript viruses? Luckily, this is rare and mainly affected 3D models downloaded from the internet. Forensic was the first tool to remove these and we worked with the Autodesk 3ds Max team to double-check both tools would protect the community. Autodesk has now built-in their solution to 3ds Max 2022. Forensic (which is a free plugin) supports 3ds Max 2015 - 2022. (We recommend activating both - if available). To activate the virus protection in Forensic, go to the top menu SiNi dropdown and click on SiNi Add Virus Callback. This will remove any malicious MAXScript on file opening, without prompting you.

Do you want to know the difference between the FREE Forensic plugin and the IgNite Collection Forensic plugin? The FREE version has banner advertising and is limited in extended functionality. The IgNite version excludes the banner and allows users to relink over 45 file types, connecting to the Unite plugin.