Forensic (UI) - Scene Info

Inspect your 3ds Max scene integrity with one scan.

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Tip - 3ds Max plugin help

Clicking on the question mark in the header will open this help document page.

General Use

  • Arrow - click on the arrow to select the items in the 3D scene.
  • Red Cross - click on to delete the selected items from the 3D scene.
  • Blue Cross - click on to fix or repair the selected items in the 3D scene.

01. Scene Information

Displays a snapshot of your scene information.

02. Problematic Items

The list displays things that may be problematic to your 3ds Max scene.

Is your 3D scene performing slow or has odd issues?

Check that your scene has Motion Clips, Animation Layers or Retimers. These occasionally get imported with Revit/BIM models and need to be deleted. If your scene includes X-refs then please follow the same removal process on these files as well.

03. Scene Contents

The list displays a list of total scene content, including third-party plugins and file formats.

04. ο»Ώο»Ώο»ΏAutodesk Itemsο»Ώο»Ώ

Lists any linked files such as AutoCAD, Revit and X-Refs.

Forensic disabled?

If everything is greyed out, except CAD blocks, you must delete them for Forensic tools to work.

05. Unused Items

Lists items missing or no longer required to your scene.

If you see files are missing the fastest way to relink everything is to use the Unite plugin, included in the IgNite collection.

06. 3ds Max Viruses

If 3ds Max Viruses are in your scene they will show here. Click the X to remove any. To activate the automatic virus protection, go to the top menu SiNi dropdown menu and click on SiNi Add Virus Callback. This will automatically try and remove any viruses upon opening the 3D scene.

Please note - Using 3ds Max 2018 or above?

If you are using 3ds Max 2018 or above we recommend installing the 3ds Max security services as well. We worked closely with the Autodesk team and checked their code and vice-versa to ensure we're protecting the community!

Tip - Check all your 3D scenes automatically

Did you know you can scan 3ds Max scenes without the need to open them by creating a MAXScript and calling our SiNi functions using SiNiScript - including removing MAXScript viruses. This has been used by large companies who scan thousands of 3ds Max files automatically cleaning them up and checking for viruses, and more! See SiNiScript for more information.

07. User Information

User Information tells you who was the last to save the 3D scene.

08. Progress

The Progress bar shows the status of the inspection.