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IgNite Configuration Tab
IgNite Configuration Tab


Tip - 3ds Max plugin help

Clicking on the question mark in the header will open this help document page.


20. Global Settings

Set your 3ds Max preferences.

  • Force Perspective View - check this to force 3ds Max to always use a perspective viewport.
  • Shaded Mode on File Open - will always open in shaded mode.
  • Force Orthographic View - check this to force 3ds Max to always use an orthographic viewport.
  • Object Colour on File Open - Sets the scene to object colours for faster opening.
  • Empty Material on File Open - clears out the material editor so 3ds Max opens faster.
  • MAXScript Tools - turns ON/OFF the MAXScript tools in the Standard UI.

21. My View

Save your favourite Viewport configuration for reuse each time you open 3ds Max.

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22. Playblast Previews

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Set the display preferences and if you wish to open files after it renders.

23. Custom MAXScript Loader

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Set the file path for up to 12 MAXScripts. Enter a name for the description and this will appear in the Standard Tools Tab. IgNite (UI) - Standard

Updated 29 Oct 2021
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