IgNite (UI) - Workflow

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Tip - 3ds Max plugin help

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13. Bulk Proxy Creation

Select your preferred proxy format from SiNi's ProxSi (universal), V-Ray and Corona. When selected, different functions below will be shown. For example, ProxSi has password protection for 3D assets and you can use IgNite to unlock all the locked assets within the scene.

14. Set Proxy file path and Create Proxy

You can use Bulk Proxy Creation to change all scene proxies from one format to another.

To change from V-Ray to Corona, change to the Corona setting and click Create Proxy. This will update all selected proxies and their instances if selected.

You must save the scene before creating proxies.

15. Change Proxy Display

Sets the display of all selected proxies. Click on the dropdown list to select your preference.

16. Repath Proxies

Repath proxies to a new location. If you want to move the location of the proxies to a different location or folder enter the new folder location. The proxies will be moved to the new location and re-pathed.

17. Export Proxies

Export to Edit Mesh geometry. Select the proxies you wish to convert to edit mesh. This will convert all instances as well.

18. Change ProxSi File Type

ProxSi Only Change from Internal to External proxy and vice versa - for the scene management. Internal proxies are saved in the 3ds Max scene making them very fast to load. The disadvantage is they add to the scene file size.

ProxSi password protection

Only internal internal proxies can be password protected.

19. Lock/Unlock ProxSi

Bulk security feature.

  • Lock or unlock ProxSi proxies. Enter the password to unlock.