Preflight - Training videos

60-second Samplers

The below videos show some Preflight features in short-burst 60-second samplers.

If you are looking for a simple tool to check off relevant tasks prior to exporting to game engines, then Preflight is the answer. Using recommendations and advice from the Unreal Engine team, our developers designed the checklist to work through a 3ds Max scene and fix elements that may be an issue in-game engines.

Preflight is designed for prepping 3ds Max 3D models to export to game engines, such as Unreal Engine. It's a series of checklist tasks to run through before using Datasmith to export. In this case, we use the Sculpt plugin first to quickly attach everything by material. Then we open Preflight and run through the tasks, skipping some - as they're not relevant for this model. Once complete, click on Send to Datasmith and the cleaned-up model is exported ready to import into Unreal Engine.

Updated 24 Jun 2021
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