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Preflight UI

Tip - 3ds Max plugin help

Clicking on the question mark in the header will open this help document page.

3D Model Preparation Toolkit

Select your export preferences.

  • Selecting Unreal - will open Datasmith on completion to allow you to continue exporting and saving.
  • Selecting Unity - on completion will allow you to save an FBX file.

Skip steps

To bypass steps and move to the next one, click the forward arrow.

Unreal Engine - Lighting Considerations?

Option 1 - Switch off the exposure control in 3ds Max. If the Exposure Control has been used, it is exported with the Datasmith file. When imported into UE, a โ€œGlobal_Exposureโ€ actor is created with the V-Ray exposure settings imported. The issue is that these exposure setting will be photometric lighting, VRaySun for example, but when imported to Unreal, the VRaySun does not keep its photometric intensity resulting in imported exposure settings displaying completely dark. If you do import the lighting, such as the sun, you can always adjust it in UE using a setting of 90,000-120,000 lx. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daylight

Step 1. Make Selection Set

Select the 3D meshes or entire scene to export Preflight will deselect elements it cannot work with.

Step 2. Mapping and Instances

Check for missing textures, instances all geometry for game-engine optimisation.

Step 3. Attach, Weld and Reset

Attaches other 3D geometry as a single mesh by materials. Resets all geometry by rebuilding meshes.

Step 4. Detach or Delete Double Faces

Remove double faces to prevent flicking or co-planer face issues.

Step 5. Visual Check of 3D model

Visual checks to inspect your 3D model and fix further issues if discovered. You will need to use other IgNite tools to fix issues.

Step 6. Convert Textures

Convert all textures to PNG.

Step 7. Send to FBX

Save and export to UE4/Datasmith or FBX file format.

The Preflight dialogue box provides an inventory of the checklist stages, with warnings and check ticks.

Updated 27 Oct 2021
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