ProxSi - Training videos


60-second samplers

The below videos show some ProxSi features in short-burst 60-second samplers.

Do you ever work with sensitive client data or need to send files to third parties? Have you ever had anyone take your 3ds models or intellectual property? ProxSi is designed to password-protect 3ds Max models, should you need it.

To enable the security features of ProxSi, we developed our own proxy format. This was developed to be as universal as possible supporting many third-party renderers, enabling us to translate from one format to the other. This video demonstrates the locked-proxy format in V-Ray, Corona and Arnold. The materials were converted using the 3ds Max scene converter and Corona converter.

If you work with or have received 3ds Max scenes with password-protected 3D models in them, you may discover that they have expired. If this happens, the expired model will not render, nor can you extract them from the scene by export or cache capturing. The only way to make the proxies active is to input the password. When you add the password the proxy can be displayed as Full-Mesh or exported out to an edit mesh and converted to proxy. (We recommend using IgNite Springboard's Workflow tools to bulk convert to V-Ray and Corona proxies).

Updated 07 Jul 2021
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