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Release 1.24.0 - Scatter support for Redshift


60-second samplers

The below videos show some Scatter features in short-burst 60-second samplers.

With Scatter you can create cities in 3ds Max with ease. (And it's free) In this video, we use the Art Deco building kit from Kitbash3D to quickly build a random city, in 60 seconds. The buildings are preloaded into Scatter as distributed objects and Scatter has been applied to a city grid surface mesh. We then adjust the random percentages of each model to reduce the skyscrapers and then play around with reseeding Scatter to find a layout we like.

Adding objects into the FREE 3ds Max plugin Scatter is simple. First, select the plane you want to scatter onto. Then in Scatter, open the Distribute Objects rollup and click on add objects! Adjust the distribute map type and percentage. Lastly, add a little random transformation variation, such as scale.

The painter rollup in Scatter allows you to delete objects from the setup, plus paint detailed areas using either the multi or single brushes. If you want to paint a single object in the scene, click on the object in the list first.

The Disperse and Scatter 3ds Max plugins are designed to work together. In this example, Disperse is used for painting in planting and Scatter for adding grass to a surface. All the plants and trees are from Chaos Cosmos https://www.chaosgroup.com/cosmos @ChaosTV Both plugins are very easy to use. Simply add objects, or proxies, apply transforms and you're ready to start using.

Updated 28 Oct 2021
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