SiClone - 3D models

To assist 3D artists with becoming familiar with the SiClone array and sweep workflow, we have created a series of fence and handrail models. These include;

  • 5 x metal handrails
  • 5 x glass handrails
  • 5 x iron handrails
  • 5 x wood handrails
  • 10 x iron fences
  • 10 x wood fences

The models were created in 3ds Max 2021 using V-Ray 5. We have included alternative Redshift, Corona and Arnold formats as well. Please download from the links below.

SiClone fence sample models.
SiClone fence sample models.
SiClone sample models applied to a logo spline.
SiClone sample models applied to a logo spline.
SiClone stair sample models
SiClone stair sample models

Download SiClone Models

Please download the models from the table below.

Arnold Format

V-Ray Format

Corona Format

Redshift Format

2021 Download

2021 Download

2021 Download

2021 Download

2018 Download

2018 Download

2018 Download

2018 Download

V-Ray Textures

Rendered images

Download Renders

SiClone 3D model notes

- The downloaded models exclude bitmaps. - The models have been created in meters scene and system units. Please convert the units manually to your scene preference. I.e if you work in cm convert .1m to 10cm.

How to use these?

01. Download

Download your preferred 3ds Max and renderer format.

02. Open the scene

Open the file in 3ds Max.

It should look like the screenshot below.

3ds Max 2021 - System/Scene units = Meters.
3ds Max 2021 - System/Scene units = Meters.

The top viewport shows the layout of all SiClones, set out in rows. We have provided instruction text (frozen) to make it easy to follow.

Tip - Materials

You can see we've laid out all the objects, shapes and splines to be used by SiClone in set out boxes, with clear instructions to add materials to these only. See below.

Add materials to the layout objects and shapes only.
Add materials to the layout objects and shapes only.

03. Select a SiClone setup

Select a SiClone setup.
Select a SiClone setup.

Click on one of the setups and open the SiClone rollup on the Modify tab.

04. Distribute Spline

In the second rollup Distribute Spline, you will see it's already set to the layout splines we used to make each design.

05. Apply to a new spline

To apply the SiClone to another spline click on the Spline Path button (Distribute Spline rollup).

Document image

Then select the new spline (use the layout fence in the top left viewport).

Document image

You can see SiClone instantly swaps from the layout spline to the fence.

Tip - Change to another design

If you want to try another design, reverse the steps above by reapplying the SiClone setup back to the layout spline, freeing up the fence spline. This keeps the scene nice and tidy!

06. Adjusting the models

Please familiarise yourself with the SiClone (UI)

You add objects to the Distribute Objects roll up and shapes to the Distribute Sweeps.

Are your scene/system units different?

If the setup seems broken it may be because these samples were created in metres. To fix follow the below steps. Click on each object and shape and adjust the units. For example, if you are working in cm change 0.1 (metres) to 10 (centimetres).

07. Apply these to a new scene

To use these SiClone models in a new scene, please follow the steps below;

  • Merge the 3D scene. This will merge everything.
  • Use IgNite (Springboard) to copy and paste from one 3ds Max to another. You must open IgNite in both copies of 3ds Max and use the copy in the first, and paste in the second.

Copying - Use the Select SiClone Objects button!

Because SiClone works by referencing objects and shapes you need to select all these as well. If you're not as tidy as us (with our layout boxes), your reference objects and shapes may be scattered throughout your scene. By clicking on the Select SiClone Objects button you ensure you grab everything linked to it. It's located at the bottom of the Distribute Spline roll-up.

Updated 29 Oct 2021
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