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12. Repath

Select the files you wish to reconnect to their new file paths. Default is Display All.

13. List view

Displays the status of all scene files.

  • Key File located - green tick next to files means the file is linked.
  • ο»ΏFile missing - red cross next to files means the file is missing

14. Repath options

  • Copy Files - tick to copy all selected files to the new location.
  • Overwrite Files - tick to overwrite duplicate files.
  • Create Sub-Folders - tick to create sub-folders based on ticked.

15. Repath directory

Select the file path to repath and save the project into.

16. Repath files

Repath Files. Click on the button to save the project. Unite will automatically create sub-folders based on the Repath Settings above, (if ticked). All files will automatically be re-pathed to these folders.

Updated 25 May 2021
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