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Release 1.24.0 - Disperse support for Redshift


60-second samplers

The below videos show some Disperse features in short-burst 60-second samplers.

Use Disperse to paint 3D geometry into your 3ds Max scene. In this 60-second sampler, we show you how to add people, paint them without the need to select the surface geometry, then export to single instanced geometry for further adjustments.

This is a super-fast method to build a scene with random 3D geometry, using the Disperse 3ds Max plugin. If you select a collection of objects in the Disperse Painting list, i.e. cars, you can then select layout objects in the 3D scene (car parks), and Disperse will randomly replace each layout object. How did I place the cars with random rotation? Select the original objects you are going to replace with Disperse and using SiNi's Jumble plugin select randomly the objects and rotate them 180 degrees. When you perform the Disperse replace, the 3D objects they will import randomly!

Use the Disperse plugin to replace scene placeholders with 3D geometry. Load the objects into Disperse and in the Painting Rollup, select the Replace button. Click on the scene object (Point Helper), and it will be replaced with Disperse objects.

The Disperse and Scatter 3ds Max plugins are designed to work together. In this example, Disperse is used for painting in planting and Scatter for adding grass to a surface. All the plants and trees are from Chaos Cosmos https://www.chaosgroup.com/cosmos @ChaosTV Both plugins are very easy to use. Simply add objects, or proxies, apply transforms and you're ready to start using.

Updated 28 Oct 2021
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