IgNite - Training videos

60-second samplers

The below videos show some IgNite features in short-burst 60-second samplers.

Using the IgNite Springboard plugin you can easily instance all your geometry simply by selecting everything, then select the Instance Objects button and it will work through your selection and make instances of everything it can.

IgNite Springboard plugin has a Scale person, who is 1.7m tall to paint into your 3D scene as a height reference. The person is striped horizontally every 500mm for quick reference.

If you work with imported BIM or FBX models, often they may not have layers, which, for many artists is frustrating to work on. To create layers by materials use IgNite Springboard. Click on Layer by Material and it will generate all the layers from the imported models assigned materials.

This is a fast way of creating proxies from an imported REVIT or BIM architectural 3D model.

Do you ever need to quickly copy and paste from one object to another in 3ds Max? Using IgNite you can copy all the modifiers and materials plus copy objects from one 3ds Max scene to another simply by clicking copy in the IgNite plugin, then open IgNite in the next scene and click paste and it will copy everything over.


Here's a handy way to load up and use 12 of your favourite MAXScripts in 3ds Max, using IgNite. Open the plugin config tab, scroll down to the Load Custom MAXScripts and add them! Access them back in the Standard Tools tab.

Do you import landscape CAD drawings into 3ds Max? Here's a fast way to replace the trees and plants CAD block symbols with 3D geometry. Open the IgNite Springboard plugin and in the Select and Rename rollup click on Select Object. - Select the objects you want to replace (the CAD plants). Next open the Replace Object pop-up, in the Object Tools rollup. - Click on the Pick Object button, (the 3D object you want to replace the CAD with). - Click Replace Object to apply. If you want to add some variation, use the Jumble plugin as well.

If you ever find the need to temporarily straighten 3D objects in 3ds Max try using the IgNite Springboard plugin. Select the object or objects you want to work on and click the Straighten button. When you're done, click on the straighten button to reset to the original position. Please note. It's best to attach objects before straightening as it doesn't work with groups.

The IgNite Springboard 3ds Max plugin includes a series of object tools for keyframe transform animation - on objects, not complex character animation. In this demo, we show you how to copy and paste keys from one object to a selection of others. Then offset keys on another selection, and finally deleting keys off objects. This works great if you have animation on objects in your scene, such as trees, that you want to apply quickly to others, then offset it slightly to add more natural variation.

Deep dive videos (5-10 minutes duration)

Please note. These videos need updating as they represent legacy release versions of IgNite. However, many of the features remain relevant to the latest toolset.

IgNite overview. Please note this is an older video.