Scribe - Training videos

60-second Samplers

The below videos show some Scribe features in short-burst 60-second samplers.

Using the Scribe 3ds Max plugin to conform any spline to an underlying surface. 1. Select the spline (or splines). 2. Click on Conform to Surface. The tool will project the splines vertically down and conform them to the surface without the need to select the surface.

By selecting either the Delete Overlapping or in this case, Detaching Overlapping, Scribe works through the scene and finds and removes every overlap. It will repair the spline to ensure no holes are left. For example, if two splines overlap in the middle it will extend one spline to equal to the total length of both, then delete the other.

Using the Scribe 3ds Max plugin you can offset splines adding in clone copies that retopologize, rebuilding themselves so they don't overlap. Select the Spline Outline Array tool and the spline. Next, dial up the clone copies and adjust the position offset X,Y. The splines will automatically adjust to the shape. When you're done hit the Commit to Outline to apply.

Do you import vector files into 3ds Max? If you need to optimise them and reduce the knots, we recommend using the Scribe plugin. Its Subdivide Splines function is a handy tool to adjust the knots with live visual feedback. When you've optimised to something that's workable for you, hit the commit button to apply.

If you work with architects CAD drawings in 3ds Max, occasionally you'll discover lines drawn at different heights. Scribe has a tool to flatten the splines with one click.

If you experience issues extruding splines it's possible they're broken. To fix these use the Scribe 3ds Max plugin.


Updated 24 Jun 2021
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